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In connection with the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, the need for medical personnel has increased, which were replaced by fighters of student squads. This article examines the influence of motivation on the professional activity of the fighters of student brigades.

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Student medical teams are a form of extracurricular activities for students and a rapidly developing area of ​​modern students in the Russian Federation. Thanks to the joint activities of students and medical organizations, students receive practical skills in their chosen profession, and a medical organization can assess human resources. Since the conditions of the modern labor market significantly increase the requirements for the level of training of graduates of medical universities, practical training is one of the most important stages in the formation of a future specialist. [1] [3]

             In 2020, the whole world is faced with the spread of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, in connection with which there was an acute shortage of medical personnel in almost all types of healthcare institutions. At such a moment, the need for additional specialists becomes urgent, in the role of which are also fighters of student medical teams, who, during the phase of the active spread of coronavirus infection, worked along with all medical workers.

             As you can see, every year the movement is becoming more popular among young people. At the moment, the detachments are spread over most of the regions of the Russian Federation. Speaking of medical teams, currently there are 4 all-Russian and 2 district labor projects in the country, in which 2,000 fighters, 112 teams, 100 medical organizations, 45 educational organizations of higher and secondary vocational education take part.

Based on the foregoing, the purpose of this study is to study the influence of medical teams on the professional activities of students of a medical university.

              Based on the purpose of the study, the following task can be distinguished:

• Identify the motivation of young people to work in student medical teams.

              To achieve the set task, we used the questionnaire method. The survey was conducted anonymously in an online format using the Google Forms service. Our questionnaire consisted of 11 questions, where the main problems of identifying motivation were indicated. In total, 73 fighters of student medical teams from various higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation took part.

            Medical teams contribute to the further professional development of the student, since the acquisition of practical skills motivates students to form an increased interest in professional activity, and is also an important part in the training of future medical workers. [2]

           During the survey, we found out that participation in student teams affects such personal qualities and abilities as self-confidence (83.6%), striving for self-development (76.7%), sociability (71.2%) and willingness to come. help (65%). The revealed qualities are qualities that every medical professional must undoubtedly possess.

            Further, the majority of respondents believe that, being a fighter of student medical teams, he acquired a rich and active life for himself personally (63%), work experience in his specialty (19%). After all, purposeful work in the specialty requires a lot of endurance and patience. And also, it is the activity of student medical teams, the mass scale and a huge number of like-minded people that affect the motivation and maintenance of interest in their future profession.

With the help of the question “What do you think motivates students to work in medical units?”, We learned that it is the acquisition of practical skills (80.8%) that motivates students to join the ranks of medical units. Thus, by giving young people the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the course of theoretical education in practice, student teams contribute to an increase in interest in future professional activities. Through work in teams, students can learn what awaits them in the future, what situations they may face and how to overcome possible difficulties on their way.

            Based on the foregoing, student medical teams acquire great importance in the formation of a future specialist, forming not only professional competencies, but also instilling in him perseverance, hard work, love for the profession, the ability to create, be useful to society and, of course, a socially active citizen of their country.

             Student corps are one of the huge youth organizations that have a purposeful job, charter, and regulations. In the modern world, global construction is taking place, in which the fighters of student brigades make their considerable contribution. During the period of foundation of student groups, traditions appeared that have survived to this day. In addition to working days, fighters can go through a special school to familiarize themselves with the activities of this organization.

             Student medical teams allow, with the help of mentoring of experienced doctors, to form professional competencies based on the organic unity of fundamental knowledge, possession of practical skills and a clear understanding of future professional tasks, work experience in a professional society, active contact of young people with potential employers and their further employment in the primary link of the system health care of the Russian Federation.

            Medical teams are engaged in really important and socially useful things. In addition to summer employment of students, the fighters are engaged in volunteer work, participate in various charity events, provide all possible assistance to the elderly in need: labor and home front veterans, disabled people, single women, large families, orphans. They closely interact with public institutions, so them as a nursing home, correctional schools, orphanages, preschool institutions.

            A student, working in the summer, gets the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained in an educational institution, get acquainted with the working conditions of an ordinary central district hospital (CRH), and the leadership of the CRH - find replacements for key employees during the summer holidays. Purposeful work in your specialty requires a lot of endurance, patience and motivation for your future profession.


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