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The article is devoted to the research analysis of the current patterns of development of the domestic stock market. An assessment of the dynamics of the stock market volumes is given. The trends in the movement of the market value of shares of Russian companies and the influence of factors on this process are analyzed. A comparative analysis of the dynamics of the stock market in Russia and the USA is carried out. We also raised the issue of the development of economic relations in Russia characterized by the creation of an effective and transparent mechanism for the formation and distribution of financial resources between economic entities in accordance with market rules and laws. One of these generating and redistributing channels should be the securities market, as an integral part of ensuring the integrity and functioning of all elements of the economic system of the state. In conclusion, it was concluded that the main goal of the Russian market is its transformation into a productive mechanism for reducing the uncertainty of financial activity, which is based on the implementation of an appropriate active state policy

stock market, national currency, stocks, bonds, market capitalization, stock indexes, cash flows, investments, global financial market, portfolio foreign investments, financial instruments, transformation
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