03697nam#a2200337#i#4500001000500000005001700005008004000022020002300062041000900085044000900094072002400103100006900127245011800196260003900314300001200353500115800365510018401523510019401707510017201901510013102073510019102204510010902395510014002504510007902644510018802723510010702911510019303018510008903211533003303300856002603333244420240522230455.3 20220610d2022####ek#y0engy0150####ca##$a978-1-922756-17-60#$aENG##$axxu#7$aGeneral. TEC000000#1$aKhabibova, Natalya Zamilovna$aMendeleev University of Chemical00$aDISSIPATIVE FUNCTION IN ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS. FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS$cMonography1#$aMelbourne$bAUS PUBLISHERS$c2022##$a100 p.##$aThe monograph presents the results of a study of the digital economy as a new paradigm of economic development, a system of economic relations implemented through the use of digital information computer technologies. It is noted that the main problem in the formation of sustainable economic growth and the successful introduction of digital technologies are the challenges of digitalization of the economy. New digital technologies, innovative business models penetrate into all spheres of the economic life of society, influencing the very essence of the economy, forming qualitative structural changes in it. As a result, a digital economy is being formed as a subsystem of the traditional economy, characterized by the active use of digital technologies and the circulation of specific electronic goods. The monograph is intended for researchers, teachers, graduate students, undergraduates, as well as a wide range of readers interested in topical issues of digitalization of the economy.$adigital economy , economic development, digital technologies, engineering applications, dissipative functions$a10.26526/monography_62a34c6a1044f3.483709480#$aCalculation and analysis of thermodynamic processes of expansion (compression) of a non-ideal gas / comp. N. Z. Khabibova. – M.: RCTU named after D.I. Mendeleev 2005. – 48 p.0#$aLow-temperature processes of expansion, liquefaction and separation of gases in chemical technology / L.V. Ravichev, N.Z. Khabibova – M.: RCTU named after D.I. Mendeleev, 2021. – 72 p.0#$aAnalysis of non-equilibrium processes of compression of a non-ideal gas. Examples and tasks. / N.Z. Khabibova – M.: RCTU named after D.I. Mendeleev, 2007. – 52 p.0#$aModern thermodynamics from heat engines to dissipative structures / I. Prigozhin, D. Kondepudi. – M.: Mir, 2002. – 461 p.0#$aExamples and tasks in the course of processes and apparatuses of chemical technology / K.F. Pavlov, P.G. Romankov, A.A. Noskov. 11th ed. – M.: "Rusmedia Consult" LLC, 2004. – 576 p.0#$aProperties of gases and liquids / R. Reed, J. Prausnitz, T. Sherwood. – L.: Khimiya, 1982. – 534 p.0#$aBasic processes and devices of chemical technology. Design manual / ed. Yu.I. Dytnersky. – 2nd ed. – M.: Khimiya, 1991. – 496 p.0#$aHeat engineering / V.I. Krutov. – M.: Mashinostroenie, 1986. – 432 p.0#$aSecondary energy resources and energy-technological combination in industry / L.I. Kuperman, S.A. Romanovsky, L.N. Sidelkovsky. – 2nd ed. – Kyiv: Vishcha school, 1986. – 303 p.0#$aBasic processes and devices of chemical technology / N.I. Gelperin. – M.: Khimiya, 1981. – 812 p.0#$aFundamentals of energy-resource-efficient environmentally safe technologies of oil refining / V.P. Meshalkin, L.L. Tovazhnyansky, P.A. Kapustenko. – Kharkov: NTU "KPI", 2011. – 616 p.0#$aConvective heat and mass transfer / V.M. Case. – M.: "Energiya", 1972. – 448 p.##$aThere is an electronic copy4#$aauspublishers.com.au