TY CONF TI TIME-MANAGEMENT STRATEGY IN THE FORMATION OF STUDENTS’ INDIVIDUAL EDUCATIONAL ROUTE KW time-management KW self-organization KW efficiency KW organization of educational process KW individual educational route.Abstract: "Among the unknown in the nature around us KW the most unknown is time KW for no one knows what time is and how to manage it." In this statement KW Aristotle points to a problem that is more urgent than ever for modern people as the organization of time in human life KW as society puts forward more and more requirements for the successful realization of our professional and personal potential. It is especially relevant for students of higher educational institutions KW since they have been working with a large amount of information that needs to be acquired in a short time JO Process Management and Scientific Developments AU Reznikova, E.A. AU Reznikova, A.A. PY 2024 PB AUS PUBLISHERS